Brand:RedRotor Labs
Product Code:VNC_001
  • $31.99

The ViveNchill.  Simple, svelte, and effective.  Bring your HTC Vive experience to a whole new level of comfort and coolness with our integrated solution. 

Domestic orders ship free. International +10.

Powered by your HTC Vive and provides effective cooling where you need it most.  See the campaign that launched it here. 

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Effective Heat Management

  • Dual high quality and specialized 30mm fans

  • Angle Adjustable Cooling

  • Low noise DR MagLev maintenance free bearing

  • Cools the most effective natural heat sink on your body

Simple setup and operation

  • 1 minute install : Instructions here.

  • Powered by your Vive headset's spare USB port 

  • Easy click one button on and off to regulate your cooling needs

Sleek, elegant design

  • Small footprint and matching finish blends seamlessly into your Vive

  • Folds down completely 

  • Contoured mounts designed exclusively for your headset

Technical specifications

  • 200mAh draw

  • DC power (5V)

  • 70,000 hour operating lifespan

  • CE, CUR, TUV, and UL certification

  • 31mm x 31mm x 11mm per side 

  • 40 grams total

  • 26 dB(A)

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